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Living in Chelmsford:

Did you know that Chelmsford was only recently granted its city status in 2012 to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? Before this, it was a historic market town with roots in the medieval period.

With its prime location in Essex and close transport links to London, Chelmsford has continued to evolve into a mighty financial, administrative and distribution centre. As a result of its success, this bustling commuter city has continued to expand, with semi-detached houses, flats and terraced properties dominating the market.

If you need a lease extension in Chelmsford, look no further than The Lease Extension Company to deliver expertise and support throughout the procedure.

  • Population of Chelmsford: The population of Chelmsford in 2021 stood at 181,500. This number is a 7.8% increase from around 168,300 in 2011, according to data from the Office For National Statistics.
  • Sold House Prices: Data from Rightmove reveals that the average sold prices in Chelmsford over the last year were 4% up on the previous year – and 5% higher than the 2020 peak of £396,250.
  • Wards Covered by Chelmsford City Council: Bicknacre and East and West Hanningfield, Boreham and The Leighs, Broomfield and The Walthams, Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park, Chelmsford Rural West, Galleywood, Goat Hall, Great Baddow East, Great Baddow West, Little Baddow, Danbury and Sandon, Marconi, Moulsham and Central, Moulsham Lodge, Patching Hall, Rettendon and Runwell, Springfield North, St Andrews, South Hanningfield, Stock and Margaretting, South Woodham-Chetwood and Collingwood, South Woodham-Elmwood and Woodville, The Lawns, Trinity, Waterhouse Farm, Writtle.
  • Local Authority: The local authority of Chelmsford is Chelmsford City Council.

Lease Extension Regulations in Chelmsford

Leaseholders in Chelmsford can extend their lease by 90 years. There are two ways to achieve this – the statutory (formal) or voluntary (informal) route.

Suppose you’ve owned your property for at least two years. In that case, we recommend taking the statutory route, as it provides significant legal protection under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993. It also means that all parties involved will follow a regulated procedure.

Many homes in Chelmsford are also managed by housing associations who offer shared ownership schemes to help buyers get on to the property ladder. In this case, it’s important to note that shared ownership leaseholders will only qualify for the statutory right to extend their lease if they have ‘staircased’ up to 100% ownership.

Do you need help determining where to begin? The Lease Extension Company can support your statutory lease extension from initiation to completion with the help of professional surveyors and skilled solicitors. For further insight into our experience, look to our incredible case studies to learn more.

The Lease Extension Process

The LEC aims to simplify the lease extension process and keep leaseholders in the loop at all times. See below for a brief overview of the statutory lease extension procedure.

  • Eligibility Check
  • Valuation
  • Serving the Section 42 Notice
  • Receipt of the Section 45 Counter Offer
  • Negotiation
  • Agreement of Terms
  • Registration of your new lease

For further details, please view our ‘How Long Will My Lease Take?’ article for extra information about each stage.

Serving the Section 42 Tenant’s Notice

Before your Section 42 notice is drafted one of our firms of specialist chartered surveyors will undertake the valuation of your property for the purpose of the lease extension and identify the likely ‘premium’ (the price of your lease extension) you will pay your freeholder.

Identifying Your Competent Landlord

Our specialist solicitors will also identify the ‘competent landlord’ whose interest in the property is long enough to grant your 90-year lease extension.

Sometimes, this will be the direct landlord or housing management to whom you pay your service charge or ground rent. However, the competent landlord is often the freeholder of the building.

The Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 requires leaseholders to serve a Tenant’s Notice (Section 42 notice) on the ‘competent landlord’. The Section 42 notice initiates the lease extension and must include certain key legal information. This is a technical legal notice, and it’s crucial that it’s correctly drafted and validated to ensure your lease extension is deemed valid.

At The Lease Extension Company, we work with specialist legal firms in this niche area of law, ensuring that your notice is drafted and reviewed by leading experts in this field. The Section 42 notice will be sent to you for approval before it is forwarded to the solicitors who will serve the notice to the Freeholder on your behalf.

See below for details of the main freeholders in Chelmsford.

Key Freeholders in Chelmsford:

Chelmsford City Council’s ‘Housing Needs Register and Allocations Scheme’ reveals that the council is a strategic housing authority; however, it doesn’t have a permanent housing stock. Instead, the council works with registered providers to supply local accommodation.

Organisations such as CHP, Clarion Housing Group, Estuary Housing and L&Q Group are a few examples of prominent providers in the area. The complete list of registered providers is available on the council’s ‘Housing Associations’ website.

One of these providers may be your competent landlord to whom you will serve the Section 42 notice.

Other freeholders you have the option of contacting are The Alan Mattey Group and Regis Group via Pier Management.

Finding Your Freeholder

To uncover the details of your freeholder, refer to your original lease document. If you can’t locate your lease, you can request a copy from the HM Land Registry for a small fee. As a client of The Lease Extension Company, we are happy to handle this on your behalf.

How Much Will Your Lease Extension Cost?

Lease extension costs vary from property to property, as the premium is primarily based on the following three factors:

  • The value of your property.
  • The amount of ground rent you pay and how much it increases over time.
  • The number of years remaining on your lease.

The cost may also vary depending on your route to obtain your lease extension.

  • Informal Lease Extensions: Costs are determined and agreed upon directly with your freeholder.
  • Statutory Lease Extensions: You are responsible for the valuation and legal costs of both you and your freeholder, plus the premium for the additional years on your lease.

To get a rough idea of your costs, look to our helpful Lease Extension Calculator tool to estimate your premium.

All About Our Fixed Fee Service

At The Lease Extension Company, we’re committed to taking a straightforward approach to this tricky area of property law. Our goal is to make the process as straightforward as possible.

We will develop a detailed plan covering all stages, legal requirements, and your expected costs. We will combine all prices into one simple fixed fee, so you know what to expect from the get-go.

The LEC will also pair you with an experienced surveyor and skilled solicitor. This support will ensure you’re not paying a penny more for your lease extension (premium) than necessary.

Obtain Your Lease Extension in Chelmsford

If you want to extend the lease on your Chelmsford property, rely on The Lease Extension Company to achieve the best possible results.

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